Look. If your underwear don’t fit, throw them away. Like, right now. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled a pair out of the drawer and it’s the same thing every time. I pull at them this way and that way and still no cigar. It’s like they forgot the elastic or something. The other day I even thought to myself, “They must be on inside out.” Nope. They just don’t fit. Or maybe they’re my kid’s underwear but honestly, I’m now the shortest person in the bouse. Everyone seems to have caught up to me. And then some.

We do this with lots of stuff. We pull it out of the drawer and we think in some far away galaxy it will either fit, fit better or look good. We keep hoping. We’re like Gilligan on the island; every day we think today is going to be the day. But the professor and even MaryAnn knew better. Nothing is gonna change.They don’t fit, they’re never going to fit and honestly, if you’re anywhere close to middle age which I know for some that feels like the ripe old age of 35, it’s never going to look good. Because if you’re like me, the best days are behind you. Not like I think of myself as an old dog that needs to be shot but let’s be really honest here. Or let me be honest. That skin hanging off my thighs when I do downward dog? Yah. That skin. It’s like the skin you tear off a chicken leg; it’s never going back on the bone. Not even with glue. Or spit. Or lycra or manisfestation. It’s a one-way trip.

Now, if you’re still back at “..old dog that needs to be shot..”, you know I wasn’t serious right? But you got the point. Or maybe you didn’t. Maybe you’ve called animal services on me already on. Come on. Don’t lose the plot.

Where was I? Oh yah. My undewear. It’s a metaphor but you already knew that right?

We all have people, underwear, relationships, self-beliefs, dinner plates and grudges that need to be kicked to the curb. Things that don’t fit, don’t serve us, hold us back or simply aren’t doing us any favors. Things that perhaps never did but we kept hoping they, it or us would change. Let it go. Let them go. Let yourself go. You can always buy another 4-pack of underwear.

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