One day, I was riding a camel in the Sahara Desert. I know what you might be thinking. You might be wondering what one wears to ride a camel in the desert but I’ll get to that later. Anyway, where was I? Oh, that’s right. One day I was riding a camel in the Sahara Desert. My camel was the leader (obviously) and all the other camels were tethered together behind mine. Looking back, I’m fairly certain that the guide leading us just wanted to keep an eye on me.

As we traversed sand dunes, it became apparent that the camels were in a mood as they started spitting at each other and biting each other in the butt. Now, I don’t know what’s worse. Being in front of that peanut gallery or being in the back but I quickly started to be afraid that my camel, let’s just call her ‘Crabby Pants’, was going to fall over and slide down the 6-7 foot dunes, and drag me along for the ride. I was like, “Not today” so I told the guide (in Arabic) that I’d prefer to walk and insisted on stopping so that I could get off the camel. The guide wasn’t super psyched on me at this point.

It was obvious that I wasn’t the only one who might like to walk. But I was the only one who asked to walk. From that point until we reached our camel camp for the night, I was like the woman in ‘The Sound of Music”; practically dancing through the sand dunes. So happy. So free. Again, you might be asking yourself a few questions right now so I’ll get to it. I was pretty much wearing what the woman wore in The English Patient; comfortable breezy pants, a gauzy shirt and of course, a scarf to highlight my fashionable taste. And Chacos. Very sensible.

You might also wonder where this is going. Here’s where we are going. Ride your own camel. Pick your own sanddune. During this Covid-19 crisis, we can’t possibly be on the same page every minute of every day. If you want to start the best homeschool system in the world, go for it. If you want your kids to tow their own line and follow the curriculum the schools provide, go for it. If you want to color-code every closet in your house, be my guest. In fact, you can actually when this is all over, BE MY GUEST at my house to do this for me. If you want to get buns of steel by working out on your T-ReX or Tri-Ceratops system in your home gym, fine. If you’d rather explore the complexities of cheese puffs and gummi bears, again, I say, be my guest.

Long haul people. This may be the norm for a bit. Try not to isolate yourself so much in your opinions and beliefs that you’re more isolated than ever when this is over.

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