I’m thinking about when we hear a song and how it can immediately transport us back to another day and time and we can actually tap into the very feelings we were having. Like when I hear Prince sing Purple Rain I am immediately back in 9th grade at a volleyball game anticipating a very exciting date with my childhood sweetheart.  And it reminds me that we all have a few things that have happened in our lives that are like songs.

It was something that someone did or something that someone said or something that someone didn’t do and at any given moment we can tap right back into and let it trigger us. It can put us on automatic pilot and really get in the way of us being a nice person. Or being nice to ourselves.

So instead of ignoring the tough memories and the tough “he said she said” crap maybe we accept it. Own it. Almost invite it in. Because like it or not, everything from our past (especially the tough parts) follows us into every meeting with our boss, every hard conversation with our spouse, every performance review and it even follows us when we’re on the bike or in a race.

We are not perfect. We’re not going to be perfect or have unicorns, hearts and flowers circling our head every time we have to listen to tough feedback or every time our spouse makes us mad. But we’re not looking for perfection. Not even close. We’re just striving to let each situation be new.

Some memories are good. And should be tapped into when needed. Like Purple Rain. Not a bad memory but in fact quite pleasant; hopeful mixed with anticipation and excitement. Maybe for a change we try to tap into the good stuff. Just every so often.