Listen. I know the new year is coming to a close. One ends while another begins and it happens faster than you can say “juice cleanse” or “can you please point me towards the self-help books?”. But you know what happens even faster than that? The loss of your center. The loss of knowing that you can handle your own life. The complete and utter disbelief in yourself. Remember that little six year old or nine year old or if you were lucky, that 13 year old? Remember how you just knew you knew what you needed to know? No one was the boss of you. And somehow we turn into adults that are just waiting for someone to tell us what to do. It’s like trying to hold sand or water in your hands; your self-confidence slowly seeps out eventually.

Now, this is all a slippery slope isn’t it? If you’re reading this perhaps you’re looking for some sort of salvation in these words. Like I have an answer. Like I know what I’m talking about. As if! This is just a reminder that the force field of self-help and “you can be better” and “you can be happier” and certainly there will be “you can be thinner or prettier” crap is coming your way if it hasn’t already. And you know what? If you glean an ounce and it makes you happy, good for you. But if you get sucked in and you somehow feel like you aren’t already good enough or that if you just buy something, wear something, post something, or sign up for something, that you’ll be better. Happier. More whole. More whatever. You’re wrong.

It’s the biggest most smartest business lie ever. Let me tell you how I hold the magic 8-ball of your life. Let me convince you that you really aren’t good enough. You need me. You need it. You need him or her or them or they or that house or that dress or blender for juice. I know. Some of you are thinking, “But Cheri, I do feel better when I do a juice cleanse or do the whole 30 or 40 or whatever.” Good. Good for you. But if you think it will fix anything you think is broken, I do protest. If you think having the perfect wreath on your door or the perfect kids or the perfect marriage or the perfect hair although I could use my perfect 1986 hair right about now, is the answer, someone has some snake oil to sell you.

Here’s my suggestion. You’re good enough. If you need a mantra, there’s one for you. And I don’t mean you’re good enough if you’re a total piece of shit and you’re mean and you don’t stop for pedestrians and you gossip all the time and you never tip above 10% at restaurants. All of you need to go get a blender and cleanse the crap out of you. But for the rest of you? You really are. Say it. Say it over and over and over again. Every day and every night and make choices that reinforce that for you. Make choices that remind you of your little nine year old self who knew up from down, right from wrong and left from right. Do it right until you have the biggest bag of evidence that will remind you that you know what to do. That you’re awesome. That you truly are good enough. That way when someone comes selling something that will “make you better”, you can look the other way. You aint got time for that. You’ve got a wreath to make and lucious hair to brush.

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