I’ve been a life coach for over seven years and the number one question I get is, “What is your speciality?”. And the answer has always been the same; people. And although I usually follow that up with some explanation about how I’ve worked with all sorts of people with all sorts of hopes, dreams and fears, I can tell that people want a different answer. So, here goes. It ranges from aging and dying parents to parenting issues like, how often is too often to check my child’s grades (hint: maybe stop checking!), to growing a small business (another hint: it’s not about your business, it’s about you) and all the way to how to end a long-term relationship, asking for what we need from loved ones, negotiating contracts and pay raises to changing our propensity to see ourselves as our running and race pace or our podium placement.

Here are my five specialities. I chose the number five because it’s the number of things I can remember I need from the grocery store without having to make a list. I also have five toes on each foot. And I have five people in my family.

  • Self-esteem/self-confidence/self-worth/asking for what we want
  • Living a pretty good life
  • Aging/sick/dying parents and grief in general
  • Second half of life stuff (sending kids to college, menopause, aging, etc.)
  • Creating an adventurous life (this basically means expanding comfort zones, being solo, taking risks, making big changes, etc.)
  • Bonus: DNA testing, 23andme, finding out hard things through genetic testing.

Here are some FAQ’s:

Q: Do you work with high school and college students?

A: Yes. But I must warn you. I will advocate for them. Even if it means them asking you for more space. I strongly believe that most of us forget that we’re raising adults. Not kids.

Q: Will you make me watch “When Harry Met Sally”?

A: Maybe

Q: Are you going to make me run or ride a bike?

A: Probably not.

Q: Can you help me not want to stab people in the thigh when I read their social media posts?

A: Most definitely.

Q: Will you make me do a social media cleanse?

A: Hmmm

Q: Can you help me with the anger, fear and hopelessness I feel right now about the world?

A: Let’s put it this way—yes.

Q: Will you help me live my best life?

A: What does that even mean?

I’m not offering a magic wand or unicorn dust. I’m offering a way to look at yourself differently. A way to design a life that works for you. There are no quick fixes. If it seems too good to be true it probably is. Life is not about an instagram post or a quote orĀ  a juice cleanse. Change comes from practice. It’s not linear, it’s not always pretty but I can usually make you laugh at yourself. Eventually.

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