I admit that I’ve made light of vision boards. I also know that I’ll probably make fun of them again. I like to make fun of things. It keeps things light and keeps friends on their toes. You can’t be too sensitive AND be my friend. I’m not joking. I used to say hiking wasn’t my thing and now it is. Same with marriage, kids, running, putting my things away. See what I mean.

But I think it’s time.
Get out the scissors and glue.
It’s time to make the dream journal.
I started a 2021 list. Notice I didn’t say resolution list. I was the canary in the coal mine about this one but I’m not a fan of resolutions. Most people fail at those. I think it’s more useful to figure out why you’re not ALREADY flossing or sleeping more or NOT drinking every night. But let’s face it. 2020 was interesting and the crazy thing is that try as we might, we actually have no idea how 2021 will go. So, let’s dream a bit. From dreams, come plans and from plans, come things that can actually happen. If you don’t dream, it cannot happen. It may get cancelled or postponed but I guarantee you that if you don’t at least start thinking or dreaming or planning (and for the love of god make a few reservations!), it absolutely won’t happen and before you know it, it will be January 16, 2022. Yep. It will be.

So, I’ve started a list.
And I took the scissors to the New York Times and I’m gonna get my glue stick and my notebook and I’m going to paste these places and photos into that notebook so that I don’t forget what I wanted to do. Because, if you’re even remotely like me and I’m guessing that you are, you have a lot of great ideas but time will pass and it will be six months later and you’ll be unloading the dishwasher and you’ll say to yourself (if you’re lucky), “I’ll be damned. I was gonna…..”.

And since you already talk to yourself, you might also be saying to yourself, “Well Cheri, that must be nice to have time to cut things out of the newspaper.” And I’d say, “Without social media to distract me, you’d be surprised to know how much time I have to cut things out of the newspaper.” But that’s another blog for another time.