This is a guest post from Dana. She shares about our time together over the last few years.

Ahhh-HA. Tenfold.

Yup. The start was rocky, as I sat with Cheri in the coffee shop, one half of my brain firmly believing I DID NOT NEED TO BE HERE, while the other half spouted run-on sentences choked with sobs about how I’d forgotten to order a dumpster for a home renovation project and my husband was mad and it was so unfair. Cheri thought maybe, perhaps, my angst and frustration might not have everything to do with a forgotten phone call. There might be something under that. And something else under that. And so on..

We got together each week for several months and chatted. And I saw real, solid progress–in the form of inner happiness, better relationships, better sleep, calm–each and every week. Solid. Efficient. Practical. It wasn’t clinical and there were no vinyl couches. But it was therapeutic. I was stunned time and again at how much I didn’t know, like my habit of being late was actually my adult pattern to perpetuate a youth-formed idea that I would never be good enough, and was always a disappointment to others. Huh?

And how much I DID know, inside my heart, in my soul…I’M KIND OF AWESOME. I went from not even considering a statement like that, to agreeing when Cheri said it, to whispering it, and now writing it in all caps. I still check in with Cheri fairly regularly–she is a tried-and-true sounding board. She sees right through my “let-me-tell-you-why-this-is-such-a-good-idea” facades, and gets right to the heart of the matter. No fluff. She’s the real deal. I’ll be forever grateful.

(NOTE: You have to be ready for this work, and willing to go mining for courage–hard, sweaty, heavy-lifting of emotions. Cheri is a guide, not a magician.)