Okay. I know. Fair enough. The title of this blog is a bit rough, a little click baity or perhaps you feel like it’s judgy or even misguided. But more importantly, what came up for you when you read it? Was it like, “Yah. That tracks.” Or was it more like you sounded when you were 10 and were fighting with your sibling about them being on YOUR SIDE of the car; did you feel a bit pissy? Annoyed? Indignant? Come on. You can tell me the truth. Even if you can’t tell yourself the truth. I’m listening…

Alcohol comes up a lot in coaching. And money. Those are biggies for people. And this past year, according to all the news outlets, alcohol was a really big deal for a lot of people. I think adults walked around with their kid’s sippy cups but instead of grape juice, they were filled with other things made from grapes. Listen, I get it. I’m not a heartless grouch. Wine and some very select beers, can be extra tasty sometimes. It’s not so much that alcohol is evil, it’s how and why we use it. It’s how it’s marketed to us. “You deserve it. You work hard. You play hard. Life can be hard sometimes.” Don’t we all just wanna cuddle with a few fingers of Jack or Crown or Glen or…okay, we’re above my paygrade now. But you get the point. And then after awhile, you realize that apparently you always work hard and play hard and that yes, life is hard and all of a sudden you deserve it 5 out of 7 nights of the week.

It’s like all the famous gurus love to say these days, it’s not the act of it, it’s THE WHY. Why do you think you deserve it? Why do you need alcohol to unwind? Why can’t you get through a boring evening with your spouse without it? Why do you watch the minutes on the clock tick to 5:00 o’clock so that you can be assured that it’s “Miller Time” somewhere? Why do we elevate alcohol and give it the same real estate that we give brushing our teeth, flossing and wiping from front to back. How in the world have we elevated alcohol to such a high status?

So, I don’t know the answers. And yes, I have opinions and honestly, I’m not saying we all need to go to a meeting or to rehab. But this is a very delicious time to take a good, long and hard look at how we live our life. Just be curious. If you’re one of those people who feels entitled to wine or a few beers every night, just be curious as to how that started and if it still serves you. Or perhaps you might see that it’s just become a habit kind of like watching 2-3 hours of Netflix every night. It’s just a habit. Like brushing your teeth. Except one is actually good for you.