This is a guest post by Denise. She attended an 8-week women’s workshop last fall.

One night I was scrolling through social media and I happened to catch a post about an upcoming women’s workshop. It felt a bit more like a whisper, I glanced at the offering without really stopping to take in the possibilities. Then a few days later I was driving in my car and I thought about the workshop, wondering if I was up for doing some personal work with a life coach in a group setting. I contacted Cheri who was leading the workshop and yes indeed, there was one spot left. I instantly agreed with a verbal confirmation, sign me up! Then quite naturally I hung up the phone and wondered what in the world did I just commit myself to?

Little did I know, I just casually signed up to change my life. I didn’t really have a major driving force in the front of my mind of what I was hoping to accomplish in the workshop, I just knew I was ready to put myself back on my plate. Balancing work and family life is constantly in need of attention and quite often I put my own needs at the bottom of the list. This workshop felt like an opportunity to do something for myself that ultimately would spill out into other areas of my life. I walked in the door for the first meeting with a group of strangers and this tiny little glimmer of joy that I was finding time for myself. Please let me clarify, there was trepidation and lots of self-doubt about what I was about to embark on. All of the self-talk that could have convinced me to back out melted away after night one.

Over the course of the workshop, a deep sense of community was created, thanks to Cheri’s intuitive nature and ability to connect people. By the end of the first session it was a safe space, which allowed for an incredible openness and exploration of vulnerability. I believe that when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, that’s when the magic happens, the growth and happiness from arriving at the other side of the struggle and pain. I journeyed through the workshop with an incredibly thoughtful group of women and a leader that helped me recognize we all have faced struggles, we all having our own coping mechanisms. Adversity does not discriminate; it affects everyone at some point in their life.┬áThe beauty of a workshop lead by a life coach like Cheri is that all you need after signing up is to be ready to be open to do personal work. The work, the unfolding of what you are personally in need of, happens organically through the process. Cheri holds and leads a space like I’ve never experienced before. I will forever be indebted for her guidance in helping me find the courage to change my life.