Let me tell you what a life coach is not.
A life coach is not a therapist or a doctor or a priest or nun for that matter. A life coach is not an interior designer or a colorist. Not for your hair or your house. A life coach is not a doormat but can be a doorbell to tell you when you’re way off base. A life coach can be friendly but is not your friend unless you were friends before and then both things can happen at the same time. A life coach is not an expert in anything but their own life. A life coach is not a social influencer but can be an influencer. A life coach is not a swim coach or a tennis coach but can enjoy the occasional swim or tennis match.

A life coach is someone who hopefully has had some amount of training that both keyed them into their own stories and patterns and B.S. and also gave them tools to identify these things in others. A life coach does not have to live next door, in the same city or even in the same country although being in a similar time zone can be helpful. A life coach should be a better listener than a talker. A life coach should be funny. Okay, I’m biased on this one because I am actually funny and I believe kindness laced with humor can make the pill go down easier.

The number one question I get about being a life coach is “What’s your speciality?” and as much as I believe that all the same stuff comes up no matter the issue, I am good at a few things and I’ll list them below in case you’re like me and you had a tricky childhood and like lists.

  • Aging/ill/dying/dead parents
  • Sexual abuse survivorhood
  • DNA secrets/surprises/unknown parents & siblings (I’m really good at this one)
  • Marriage (negotiation, boundaries, discipline, communication, etc.)
  • Parenting (the truth is I suck like everyone else but I KNOW I suck therefore I’m good at this one)
  • Kids going off to college
  • Grief
  • How to suck at fly fishing
  • Taking good care of yourself
  • Chronic illness i.e. auto-immune diseases
  • Middle-aged braces
  • Baking for no good reason or perhaps to make up for other inadequacies.

Other questions I get:

  1. Do we have to meet in person? Absolutely not.
  2. Can we meet in person? Absolutely.
  3. Do we ever have to meet in person? No. I have a few clients who live far away that I’ve never even met in person.
  4. What do you charge? $65.00 hour and yes I will charge you if we meet for longer than an hour.
  5. Do you work with teenagers? Yes. I actually like kids very much especially if I don’t have to remind them to brush their teeth or to wear their retainer.
  6. Do you work with men? Yes. At various times of the year, they make up the majority of my coaching business.
  7. Are you mean? No. Yes. No. Sometimes. Actually, never.
  8. Do I have to buy a package? No. Does whole foods charge you before you shop? No. I don’t either.
  9. Can you help me write my Christmas cards? No. But I can help you figure out why you think you NEED to do them.
  10. Do we have to meet every week for the rest of my life? No. That would be extreme.

Reach out. You’re amazing and you’re stronger for asking for help. For less than the price of a facial (which are important) or the time it takes for your pedicure to actually dry, you can get a lot done with me.

Any questions?


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