When I Was a Kid…

How many of us have started sentences with, “When I was a kid..”? I have. Many times. When I was actually a kid, studying at The University of Colorado at Boulder,

How and Why I Quit Social Media (for 40 days).

Okay. Let me start by saying that I’m leery of being that person who does something and then thinks everyone else should do it too and then I turn into a proselytizer but I trust we’re all grownups.

Can I Vent A Minute?

I’ve noticed something lately.

I’ve noticed that people seem to have forgotten how to properly vent.

To Vent means to give free expression to a strong emotion and here’s what I’ve noticed.

DNA Testing: Who’s Your Daddy?

So, you got a DNA test for Christmas? Someone thought it would be so much fun for you to find out you’re not really Native American or they just didn’t want to get you socks or a calendar.

Look On The Bright Side!

The other day on Facebook, a friend was actually sharing. Like saying how they really felt, sharing their experience and frustrations about personal things. It wasn’t a picture of what they ate for lunch or a picture of how badly someone had parked or anything remotely political.

Self Doubt and Loathing in Pilates Class.

Every question your choices or your path or your life’s work? Ever wonder if somewhere along the line, if you’d only made a left instead of a right,

Having a Coach Is Like Having a Super Power.

I meet people all the time who seem to think hiring a life coach is akin to having a blow up doll in their closet.

You Fall Down, You Get Back Up.

I was reading the news this morning about Scott Hamilton and his feelings about not calling the triple salchows for this year’s Olympics (spoiler alert: He’s just fine) and it reminded me about when my husband was teaching our kids how to rollerblade.

Aging. Also Known As Saggy Arms and Butts.

I spend a fair amount of time in locker rooms. Some women are modest (like me) and they are covered in a towel (or two) or they have half their clothes on and the other half of their bodies covered in a towel (again,

When a Parent Dies It’s Like a Taylor Swift Song.

I will just come out and say it. When a parent dies, it sucks really bad. And I’m sorry to say that the feelings of “this sucks”