I help you identify the self-beliefs and patterns that stop you from getting what you want.


Most of the time, if we believe we need to make a change, it’s probably true. Whether you are a student looking for support, someone looking to re-design their life, or just someone who’s stuck in the wrong lane, we can work together. Distilled Coaching clients include business owners, students, athletes, managers, parents and everything in between. My goal is to be of value to you.


I received the Advanced Coaching Certification through ChoicePoint Consulting in 2015. I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder. After college, I moved to Egypt for two years and attended The American University of Cairo to study Arabic. I’m mildly obsessed with trail running, mountain biking, backpacking, camping, hiking and being outside every chance I get.


Coaching can be done face to face or over the telephone.

1 hour session: $65.00

You dictate how often we meet. Usually, in the beginning, we meet a few times a month to get after what needs work. In general, I let clients determine the pace. Some people want to meet weekly and then they move to a monthly meeting and eventually they only need a quarterly check in. You’re in charge.

I offer one-on-one coaching as well as “office coaching”. Offering employees personal coaching is much like offering health insurance or paid vacation. It benefits everyone when people are happy, performing well and excited about contributing. I also love working with students. Being a college student is different than “when I was a kid.” I meet with students to discuss strategies and life skills to help them be successful and happy.


No magic. No unicorns. Just you.

Good Enough is Good Enough.

You’re good enough. If you need a mantra, there’s one for you. And I don’t mean you’re good enough if you’re a total piece of shit and you’re mean and you don’t stop for pedestrians and you gossip all the time and you never tip above 9% at restaurants. All of you need to go get a blender and cleanse the crap out of you.

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No One Is Coming To Save You.

I was talking to someone a long time ago, okay so it was in 2020 but doesn't that seem like a million years ago? Anyhoo, she said or maybe I said or...

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The Three P’s of Anxiety.

Let's get the disclaimers out of the way right now. I am not a therapist, a doctor, an engineer, a priest or a manicurist. I'm also not a plumber or...

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Isolation and Cruise Ships.

Isolation could take a while. But like when you take a cruise and start out with the best expectations to not overeat and to workout, you might fall off the wagon now and again. You eventually might have to take indigestion medicine.

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Ride Your Own Camel.

One day, I was riding a camel in the Sahara Desert. I know what you might be thinking. You might be wondering what one wears to ride a camel in the...

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When I Was a Kid…

How many of us have started sentences with, “When I was a kid..”?

I have. Many times. When I was actually a kid, studying at The University of Colorado at Boulder, I had a lot of fun.

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Can I Vent A Minute?

I've noticed something lately. I've noticed that people seem to have forgotten how to properly vent. To Vent means to give free expression to a...

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Look On The Bright Side!

The other day on Facebook, a friend was actually sharing. Like saying how they really felt, sharing their experience and frustrations about personal...

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